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Pups Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of questions frequently asked by parents and players in the Pups Basketball league. If you do not see a question that you believe would be helpful to others, please submit it to Pups at for inclusion on this page.

Q. How long is the Pups Basketball season?

A. The first practices typically begin about the mid-end October, while games start in early November and run to the end of February or early March.

Q. Will my child play games or practice during Christmas break?

A. No. Pups takes a two-week break during the Christmas holidays.

Q . When and where are practices?

A. Practices are one day a week and could be at any one of the schools we use. Times and days are dependent on the coach of the team, but it's always the same day, location and time each week. Days are monday through friday and could be as early as 5:30. Junior divisions practice for one hour, all other divisions practice for one and a half hours.

Q . When and where are games?

A. All games are played at the same location on either saturday or sunday depending on the division. Locations can be either John Wheeler Middle School or Timothy Ball.

Q . What age do you have to be to play Pups? 

A. Boys in grades 2-12 may participate in Pups.  Age is not a factor.

    Girls in grades 1-12 may participate in Pups.  Age is not a factor.

Q . Do we have to live in or go to Crown Point schools to join?

A. Where you live or go to school does not matter to play in Pups Basketball.

Q . How many games will my child play?

A. Junior Division teams play approximately 14 games with no tournament at the end of the season. All other divisions play 13 or 14 games, with a single elimination tournament directly after the season. The older division tournaments add one to four more games during a two-week period.

Q .Do you keep scores and standings during the season?

A. Junior Divisions do not keep score. Instead fundamentals, fun and everyone touching the ball are stressed. Minor, Major and Senior Divisions do keep score and standings, with first and second place teams in each division receiving awards.

Q. Does my child get a trophy?

A. Every Junior Division player (both boys and girls) receives a trophy at the end of the season. Minor, Major and Senior Division players receive trophies for first and second place for the regular season standings and for first and second place in the year-end tournament.

Q. Just what is the Pups draft?

A. The draft is the league's way of trying to equalize the playing field in each of the upper divisions. Minor, Major and Senior Division players are drafted by ability to create more evenly balanced teams.

Q. How do I know if my child needs to attend the draft?

A. All players except Junior Division are required to attend try outs. If your child is required to attend, you will be given a form indicating the draft date, time and place at registration.

Q. What does my child do at the draft?

A. At the draft, players are asked to display a variety of skills in groups of five or more, with no child asked to display skills individually. This skills exercise usually takes about five to ten minutes, although you will probably wait longer for your child to take his or her turn. At the draft, all players wear numbers as an anonymous form of identification.

Q. How are players drafted?

A. A standard draft procedure is in place for all divisions, The actual drafting of players by coaches takes place after all players for a particular division have completed the skills exercise.

Q. When do I find out what team my child plays on?

A. Coaches will contact all parents with the time and place of team practices, which begin the week of Oct. 22nd.